Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy Crafty 2014

Happy Crafty 2014 Everyone

I've had a very quiet time lately when it come to crafting, between a poorly puppy, a birthday holiday and of course christmas. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't make one single christmas card!! (I did buy charity ones though so thats no so bad).

I'd really like to share with you the little crafty bits I did make, after posting a picture of the butterfly in a crafty group on facebook a lovely lady asked if i could make one for her mum for christmas, this time in blues and lilacs. I loved the combination of colours, and best of all her mum loved it.

My other project was a 3D bauble for one of my best friends new baby, I bought a photo bauble from home bargains and used my cameo silhouette to make a 3D penguin (purchased from the silhouette store) and the lettering. With a little help from my facebook friends I eventually managed to cut the letters on a curve. Originally I had planned to use a 3D snowflake inside but the lettering got lost. The little gems in the bottom of the globe also came from home bargains and contain a couple I had saved from my friends wedding (use crafty girls are such magpies). My friend was so made up when I gave it to her. 

Miss Maggie

Maggie has been busy since I last blogged and a little bit naughty, she thought that eating a sock would be a tasty idea, unfortunately this time it didn't pass through and got stuck in her bowel. Thankfully the vet was a amazing and after a worrying few weeks shes back to her cheeky self. 

Feeling very sorry for herself

We thought Maggie should get a part-time job at Wagamama to contribute towards the vet bill hee hee (she preferred it to her cone of shame)

Happy belated christmas from Maggie and I x

Thanks for popping by and heres to more crafting in 2014