Sunday, 6 January 2013

Meet Maggie

I thought as well as a place to share my crafty bits and pieces, I could share stories of the new addition to our home. When my boyfriend said he wanted a dog I thought he was mad, when he said he had his heart set on a Doberman I thought he'd lost the plot, but after months and months of begging (for want of a better word) he wore me down and after a couple glasses of wine I finally agreed on the condition he was the one who got up in the mornings to sort her out :-)

So off we went to Wales to collect our puppy. We had asked for a passive girl puppy and when we arrived she was already picked out for us, however the breeder threw a spanner in the works saying she had a really chilled out puppy called tank (he lived up to his name in size). After a lot of debate we decided that a girl dog was what we came for so a girl do was what we were taking home. Not so chilled out, she barked for the entire journey and had pooped everywhere within the first 30 mins, new barking puppy covered in poo-we were so tempted to turn the car and take her back. Thankfully we didn't and with lots of love miss Maggie has now become a wonderful member of our little family, she's such a sweet natured puppy with a cheeky playful streak.

When I was setting up my blog again I thought of the movie marley and me and the mischief that lead to the blog in the movie, I think miss Maggie could rival Marley any day, and on naughty days I often tell her she worse than Marley, for example she pooped a sock on Xmas day, she's pulled my dressing gown open in front of the postman (thankfully I had pjs on) and she frequently pushes her head up my skirt in public to get her halti lead off. She's a rascal but she our rascal :-)

O and she's the laziest puppy

Hope you enjoy our journey with Maggie along with my crafty adventures x

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