Friday, 15 February 2013

Maggies morning so far in pictures

I was looking at the photos I took this morning of maggie and its quite cute how her day is progressing. I'm quite sure the last pic will be her sleeping again :-).

After I posted this the silly dog fell into the river (her first time in the water), the horror on her face makes me think she's not going to be a water puppy x

She's happy again with her bone in bed and the blow heater drying her off - I think she may be a pampered pooch

Thank you for sharing our day x


  1. Maggie is adorable, Kathy - love the piccies.

    Hugz, Jan xx

  2. AW poor girl. That's why we have pets, to spoil them. Take a look at my blog if you think your pooch is spoiled. LOL Jazz is the worst.(best) I am glad Maggie is ok.