Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Maggie Bubbles

This was too funny not too blog, my boyfriend has the cold so to cheer him up I thought I'd cook a roast chicken dinner (I know during the week too), well Miss Maggie was beside herself to get to the chicken and thankfully I managed to save it and it was scrummy (she even tried to get into the oven!!! )

Anyway the dish I cooked it in was in the sink filled with washing up liquid and hot water, I came back in to find Miss Maggie eating the bubbles. I know I should have told her off but had to take a photo first :-)


  1. Oh this is TOOO funny. Silly dogs. Hope it was worth it Miss Maggie.

  2. Poor Miss Maggie! I'll bet those bubbles didn't taste as good as they smelled! Hope you forgave her and she got some chicken anyway! It's very tempting when you're a BIG puppy and can reach all the yummy stuff!

  3. OH My GOSH that's ADORABLE!!!

  4. Maggieeeee what you doing?? Bubbles are not good for your tummy but I bet you made mummy laugh a lot, I hope she didn't tell you off too harshly hehe, I have nominated mummy for an award, tell her to visit my blog for more info, have fun maggie :) xxx