Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Miss Maggies 1st Birthday in pictures x

Happy Birthday Miss Maggie 

Im a little late in posting as Maggie was a year old on the 15th May but I just wanted to share some of the fun photos I took.  (and poor Daddy was away on business and missed it all)

1st we went to the playing fields for a run around with the other dogs so she wasn't too hyper for when she saw Grandad who now isn't so great on his feet.

notice how photo bribery with choco buttons isn't working terribly well (dont worry its doggy choco)

And when it does she has her grumpy 'stop taking my photo' ears on (if only she knew what was to come hee hee)

We then collected Grandad and went for lunch at the beach (so lucky with the weather it was glorious)

'your not fooling me again - your too close to the sea and I'm NOT going near it!!'

Being good for Grandad

'You don't mind if I have a nap while you eat your lunch, do you?'

After collecting her birthday balloon from my auntie Janet (who owns a balloon printing company) and dropping Grandad home we visited Granny and her Budgie Smokie

'Im not sure what to make of this feathery critter but it sure looks tasty'

After all that fun it was time to have a birthday party, just mummy and me.

'Right if you must, hurry up and get the picture'

Birthday kibbles

'I thought you'd at least get me a cake, this is my normal kibbles with a candle in it!!'

Thats what I think of your stupid hat

First birthdays are exhausting work

Using her bone as a pillow
Hope you enjoyed looking at her photos, we had so much fun and I just cant believe shes a year already. I never thought I'd love her so much but she has enriched our lives so much and now I cant imagine her not being in our lives 

Love Kathy and Maggie x


  1. oh my goodness. She is so beautiful. What lovely photos. These pets become family members. I don't know what I would do without my little guy. Thank you for sharing them with me Miss Kathy. Hugs and bones
    Wendy and Jazz

  2. What fabulous photos and what a totally gorgeous birthday girl! Doesn't that first year fly by... they grow from cute cuddly naughty little puppies into stunning, well behaved (mostly1!!) cuddly big dogs! Enjoy your beautiful girl!