Saturday, 29 June 2013

Poor funny Maggie

Just a quick story that made me laugh today, although Miss Maggie was not amused!!

We went to the park today and because no one else was in the little chinese garden I let Maggie off the lead, anyway I crossed the pond over the stepping stones and poor Maggie thought she'd walk across the grass. Only it wasn't grass, it was the pond algae!!!! poor Maggie came out green and grumpy and I'm terrible because I laughed so hard it hurt.

Unfortunately she didn't get her silver good citizen award, she did so well until the very last test were she had to stay in the car until told to get out, Maggie decided enough was enough and jumped out doing a merry naughty dance around the car park. Next time :-) She also went for her 1st run last week with my boyfriend.

Maggie has only ventured into water this last few weeks but only paw deep (hope the pond incident didn't put her off)

Action shot in the forest among the buttercups 

Tug o war with her pressie from Canada 

Tired from her 1st run x

Thanks for popping by, I'll have some crafting soon (she's too big a distraction)

Kathy and Maggie x

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